3 decades of innovation
across Agriculture, Infrastructure and Hospitality

About Us

FIL Group is a diversified business organization with interests across several sectors. Established in 1989, FIL Group has been able to create a name for itself in India.

Through three decades of commitment, learning, and exposure, FIL Group has been able to successfully create a mark across the lengths and breadths of India. Already a leader in the horticulture sector, FIL Group has established its name in food and beverages, infrastructure development, healthcare and handicrafts.

Continuing its rich legacy of transforming towards excellence, FIL Group has constantly entered into unchartered territory. This has been made possible through global partnerships, effective entrepreneurship, and the collective effort of the people, from whom the organisation draws its strength from.

Since its inception, FIL Group has been operating in a variety of industries, re-introducing the market to newer, better, and modern inventions that seek to systematically cater to the whole of the market; traders and consumers alike.

FIL Group continues to do so, relentlessly.

As a business organisation with interests in agriculture, food and beverage, infrastructure development, and hospitality, FIL Group seeks to contour a better world for the community and end consumers.

Our Businesses

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